Welcome to my fetish Queendom!



I am the Greedy Goddess Summer-Jane. I am a spoilt Princess, a Mean Mistress and a Gorgeous Goddess, all rolled into one, unstoppable femdomme force. Serving me, is to discover your life purpose, slave. Welcome to my Fetish site.


So far you have only dreamed of finding a Goddess like me to serve and worship. I am a beautiful, dominant, intelligent, seductive and highly addictive Goddess. My brains and my beauty make for a lethal combination. I was born to be spoiled, worshiped and obeyed. My feminine, seductive powers know no limit. Getting inside your head and making you weak for me and my demands is something that comes very naturally to me and something you will soon long for. I am a natural dominant. I am demanding, bossy, greedy, sometimes hard to please. I am confident and assertive, with a genuine, long standing interest in femdomme supremacy and many femdomme fetishes. I love making you boys weak for me.

spoil worship obeyI love to wrap you around my pretty, little finger and have you desperate to please me. I like eager, obedient boys who long to satisfy my whim and are desperate to serve. Im experienced and gifted. A talented and divine Goddess with a long standing ability to use and abuse.

I have many fans and I also keep long term owned slaves, weak to my will, happily under my control and serving me for years at a time. Long term servitude is something special and not for every or any old slave. I accept worship and gifts of all shapes and sizes.

My wishlist has many items, from £1 to items worth thousands and everything in between. Anyone can send me a gift, big or small, so this is your chance to put a smile on my pretty face and get noticed. If you want the honor of having the chance of pleasing me, or becoming MY slave, then you can follow the steps required of you.

latexloveIt all begins with your first gift. You can use the Amazon link below to send me a gift voucher to spend on something nice I also have a wishlist. Gifts from my list count on arrival. ( Gift cards are instant) Check out my gallery to see me wearing my gifted outfits, high heels and enjoying other spoiling’s and pampering’s. Send a gift to become part of my beautiful, seductive world of worship and domination.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to my fetish Queendom!

  1. Hello you. I am in St Agnes for a month. You look amazing. Do you do strap on punishment?
    If not, have a Wonderful summer. With luck I’ll dream of you. Xx

  2. hi goddess… u are very beautiful… as I would be humiliated by you … it treated like the worthless loser who are …
    I have a chronic masturbator, every time I look at you my dick snaps to attention and I can not stand to touch me …
    I bow at your feet, you’re divine

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