I am Goddess Summer, welcome to My Queendom.
I have a big love of clothes & shoes. I love the way a great outfit or pair of heels can make Me feel.
I have a big fetish both I love dressing up, I love posing. I love new things to try on and do photos in. Its one of My loves in life.

 I have love for gifts, power exchange, worship, panty and foot fetish, domination, sissifcation and many other fun hobbies & fetishes


I am not offering a service. I am not a cam Girl, I am not an escort and I am certainly not offering that.
I am not here to put on shows and I am not a performer.
I am here to share My fetishes, experiences & also to enjoy some new ones.
I like gifts very much. I think it is only polite to a send gifts if I have been kind enough to engage with you.

Wanting to spoil Me will be something which comes naturally.

To ensure you do not miss out on My mouth watering photos and videos, be sure to subscribe to My Onlyfans fanpage…

My onlyfans is constantly updated, its where you will find my more exclusive content. You will get to see longer clips and hotter pictures then those found on free social media platforms. Its also where you will find my subs, slaves and sissies task videos and exposure clips. I run competitions for free which cost upwards of £20 for none members to participate, so its a no brainer at $20 a month. Currently over 1700 posts including photos and videos. Its excellent value for money, & a great way to start your servitude, get to know me & chat to me 1 to 1.

Subscribe – www.onlyfans.com/MissGSJ


I LOVE chastity. I have got really, really into it lately. I just love how much power you hold with that little key. I love taunting & teasing locked chastity sluts. Making them weak & making them leak! Being locked for Me is fun, hot & exciting. I do all sorts of fun things with chastity keys!  Some slaves want to be locked up just to have their keys disposed of it a hot, mean video from Me!  I have disposed of keys in all sorts of fun ways!  Check it out on My twitter profile. I like teasing My locked sluts with My sexy pics & videos, getting My hot GFs to help Me tease. It is so fun making you hurt in your cages.  My Girlfriends love seeing & hearing all about it. I have also been promoting male chastity & Female empowerment with some hot chastity awareness posters I designed & had printed out. If you want your Wife / GF / hot Female neighbour to know about this, I can send an anonymous leaflet for £10 donation to the cause. #ChastityAwareness


You love to pay me just for existing. It feels Hot to just send without being asked or receiving anything it return. It shows your gratitude and seriousness to your servitude.



I enjoy real time wallet rapes, ATM rapes, shopping spree’s, publicly humiliating wallet rapes. Public acts of servitude, fetish events, public heel cleaning and other forms of humiliation and domination both in busy towns and cities and at some specif fetish events.

I will go shopping with you. You will get the door for me, carry by bags, pay the bills and generally be agood little slave for Goddess. You will get to see what I spend your tribute on. You will enjoy me spending your money as much as I enjoy spending it.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to my fetish Queendom!”

  1. Hello you. I am in St Agnes for a month. You look amazing. Do you do strap on punishment?
    If not, have a Wonderful summer. With luck I’ll dream of you. Xx

  2. hi goddess… u are very beautiful… as I would be humiliated by you … it treated like the worthless loser who are …
    I have a chronic masturbator, every time I look at you my dick snaps to attention and I can not stand to touch me …
    I bow at your feet, you’re divine

  3. Hi goddess I need you for one night I like it rough and hard and being embarrassed and abused. Treat me like your little botch I like it in the ditch. Can you please let me know the cost for one night I will be running around Brighton as a mounted stag and if your lucky you can mount me with your stirrups.

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