Catbells splosh report

i was naked, apart from a pair of Goddess’ pink panties in an empty sky blue paddling pool. Goddess was fully dressed, standing over me with a wicked grin – holding a carton of custard.
i looked up at her perfect figure and beautiful face, and then the custard hit me in the face. More and more of it, blocking my sight, covering me, turning me in to a disgraced and excited sploshy mess. A slave to my Goddess’ desire to splosh me, something i had never had any desire to do. And it was wonderful.
Goddess wrote SLUT on my back in cream! Squirted in down my but crack and down my panties , covered me in chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce , yoghurt and pushed an entire trifle in my face. Perhaps the most humiliating moment was when She put a chocolate cake straight in front of my face! i felt so degrated, but Her happiness and excitement was obvious – and enabling that made my heart sing.
The joy of submitting to Her fantasy, enabling her to fulfil Her desires rather than begging Her to fulfil mine was wonderful. i learnt for sure that i could bring her excitement, joy and happiness by submitting to her desires.

I can’t remember another moment i felt so sexually charged, so humiliated, so demeaned and so excited all at once.

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