I LOVE chastity.
I have got really, really into it lately. I just love how much power you hold with that little key. I love taunting & teasing locked chastity sluts. Making them weak & making them leak! Being locked for Me is fun, hot & exciting.

I do all sorts of fun things with chastity keys!  Some slaves want to be locked up just to have their keys disposed of it a hot, mean video from Me!  I have disposed of keys in all sorts of fun ways!

I like teasing My locked sluts with My sexy pics & videos, getting My hot GFs to help Me tease. It is so fun making you hurt in your cages.  My Girlfriends love seeing & hearing all about it.

I have also been promoting male chastity & Female empowerment with some hot chastity awareness posters I designed & had printed out. If you want your Wife / GF / hot Female neighbour to know about this, I can send an anonymous leaflet for £10 donation to the cause. #ChastityAwareness

Im more than happy to keep the keys…. That way I get to tease you for longer.
I love the way chastity can make boys so weak, eager & obedient. I love having lots of fun, taking they keys out with Me everywhere:

  • wearing them as jewellery
  • Taking them clubbing.
  • Finding out your weakness & then using them against you!
  • Weak for vanilla Girls? Hot, black bulls? Groups of cute Girls? …

Im so good at teasing it hurts!….

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Chastity disposal

Chastity advice

-If you want me to hold your chastity ke &to be locked By Me you can send a £45 amazon GC to My email & I will send you one of My pretty padlocks. I keep the keys!! 

All key holding is personalised to you, so whether your an experienced or curious to try your first chastity experience, get in touch.

Some slaves want to be locked up FOREVER! 🔒They find it incredibly exciting to see me destroy or dispose of their keys. You can gift Me to have your keys disposed of it a sexy, fun video . (see My OnlyFans &  twitter for lots of key disposal videos!) I have disposed of keys in all sorts of fun ways!

Check it out on My twitter profile.

.There are many reasons to wear a chastity cage. They are great for training BFs, slaves and sissies. They are can help you to shrink! They make you much more submissive and help Me to make you even weaker!  Its really hot and lots of fun when you find someone who enjoys is like I do.

Want to find out more about how chastity may benefit you. get in touch

5 thoughts on “Chastity”

  1. goddess summer Jane. i have not touched or played with myself since the first communication. i am doing this to proove to myself that i am slightly worthy of becoming owned by you goddess Jane. i am so weak with the feeling of wanting to pleasure myself i cant stand it. every time i look at your site i become weaker & weaker. you are my every thought i have beautiful, powerful, exotic goddess summer Jane.

  2. Dear Goddess Summer,
    I am desperate to obey you and be locked in chastity as soon as possible so that I can concentrate on worshiping my Supreme Goddess.

  3. Hello Goddess Summer Jane, I would love to have one of your padlocks on my steel Jailhouse chastity cage, it fits perfect and is ideal to control me and prevent any little squirties. The longest I have been in chastity with a keyholder is 14 days. I would also love to have a pair of your satin bikini panties to worship whilst locked, wouldn’t that be tormenting. Will you be my chastity queen?

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