Goddess of your dreams!

I am the Goddess you dream of serving. A Goddess like me deserves to be spoiled, worshiped and obeyed.
My beauty and my brains make for a lethal combination. If you want a chance to please me, serve me and become helpless to my whim, you can send me a gift and drop me a line.

You will of course address me appropriately.
FYI: Using tacky nicknames or sending messages asking for my attention before sending gifts, does not get one off to a good start. You will show me what a respectful, obedient slave you, how eager you are to please me and begin as you mean to go on.

I look forwards to using and abusing you.







3 thoughts on “Goddess of your dreams!”

  1. goddess you are so beautiful & powerful looking. i cannot look at you without going weak & feeble. i crave for you goddess.

  2. SENSATIONAL!!!… i always say this lady is worth a million of kathy (duchess of cambridge) long life Her Royal Highness Princess-Summer-Jane..

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