There are so many ways to humiliate you. I enjoy plenty of the popular ways to humiliate & abuse boys & sissy girls, but I also have My own, more creative ways to use & abuse.I enjoy finding new ways to embarrass & humiliate subs. Setting fun tasks for the workplace, home or even in public. I find being a highly creative person a very useful tool in My domination & humiliation. Im a setter of trends in the scene & people enjoy My ground breaking & unusual techniques.  I enjoy mixing Kink with vanilla too.  You can find regular, free tasks on My onlyfans profile. You can also tribute to have one set, or tribute & choose form My task ideas at the bottom of this page. 

You can send a $25 gift to have your loser / embarrassing pics or your loser /or embarrassing confessions shared in My Girly group. You get to see screenshots so you can see exactly what We say about you! Or for £90 gift you can actually be ADDED for half an hour!!  Having Me & My girls mocking & teasing you in a hot tag team! #slaveDream 

I love setting tasks & challenges.  I love finding slaves limits & testing them. I know how to push you, but I also respect hard limits.  I love corrupting subs further. I also love using vanilla boys. I will give you new fetishes, new weaknesses & a reasons to be excited to wake each day


My Kik sessions are iconic and unique. Purchase my Kik ID and be humiliated by my friends, sisters and I or be added to my sissy group chat where all sorts of fun can be had.

Follow me on twitter & keep upto date with all my day to day life. I often run free competitions where you can win Vice chastity devices and other amazing toys. 

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7 thoughts on “Humiliation”

  1. I’m a worthless pig who should be collared & chained next to your toilet to be used by you, your hot friends & your lovers.

  2. I would love to be made to be a very public sissy girlfriend to any and all other sissies or real men

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