Meeting Goddess Summer Jane (Realtime blog)

I glanced down, seeing the unfamiliar site of a dress, stockings and heels on my body. A shudder of nerves slipped along my spine. I then looked up to see my Goddess, MissGSJ, approaching the car, with a big smile on her face. A flutter in my stomach and then I instantly calmed.  It had been a long journey to this place. Not just the drive down to Brighton, but my journey into femininity, guided by MissGSJ. Sometimes gently, sometimes with an iron rod of discipline.  

This was my first time out in public as a girl and Goddess had demanded I dress like the whore she intended me to become.  A tight black mini dress, sheer stockings, red high heels. All completed by my carefully applied makeup and styled wig.  Underneath was where the slut in me really shined. Lacy red lingerie, suspenders and the tiny pink chastity device Goddess insisted I wear.

Goddess was a picture of divinity. Tall and majestic in high heels, her beautiful dress covered by a long, white fur coat, she made a striking and distinctive figure.  I didn’t realise at the time, but this was Goddess trying to make things easier for me. By appearing so eye catching, she drew attention away from me, helping me to find my feet during my first public exposure.

Goddess approached my car, tapped on the window and told me to get out. Before we went any further she wanted to see the full me and give me a hug. It felt so good to finally meet my Goddess in person, my beautiful guide and Mistress.

We both got in my car and the first thing Goddess did was present me with a new lock for my chastity device and order me to put it on, right there and then. Goddess wanted to make sure my little clit was totally under her control. She then hung the key a on a chain around her neck. It was the last time I would see it for many weeks.

I was now totally owned by Goddess and at her mercy.

End of part 1?


We drove towards the city centre, chatting away, Goddess continuing to put me at my ease.  This was the first time we had met face to face and it was amazing to get to know my Goddess on a deeper level. The pics and vids don’t get accross what an enigma she is. Warm, kind and gentle, yet stern as steel, commanding and strict. She was everything I had ever hoped for. She would keep me safe but push me further then I had thought possible.

Once we arrived at Birghton shopping centre, we parked in a multi story and got out the car. My heart was beating a mile a minute and I paid little attention to my surroundings, literally hiding my face behind me long hair. This moment of inattention would cost me later.

We walked into the busy shopping centre, me a terrified mess. People were going to see me…what would they think? Would they say anything? Should I be scared? Goddess sensed my discomfort and immediately took control of the situation, in her own distinct way.

“Stop hiding behind your hair and don’t be scared” she said. “You are with me. If any one says anything even slightly negative I will rip their heads off. Now walk like I taught you, slut, or you will be punished right here in public. Head up, shoulders back, arse popped out. Walk like the whore you are, Cindy”. There was no arguing. I knew Goddess meant business. I immediately complied and started walking seductively.

“Good girl,” Goddess smirked, “if i see you walk any other way today there will be trouble”.

This little exchange forced me to focus on my walking  instead of being scared of what others thought. It was liberating and my fears evaporated. I started strutting my stuff.

End of part 2?


The next few hours were a whirlwind. Goddess took me to shop after shop, making me try on every outfit that she liked the look of. I was in sissy heaven.

She took particular pleasure in parading me around in front of cute shop attendants. She would command me to try on something sexy and then drag me out of the changing room and force me to ask a staff member if they thought the outfit suited me. It made me feel so feminine and girly.

At one point Goddess was trying on a dress and needed help getting in to it. My clit twitched as I caught a glimpse of her perfect body and sexy lingerie while I did up the zip on the back of her dress. Goddess seemed to sense this. “Don’t get any ideas, bitch.” She said, loud enough for everyone in the busy changing room to hear. “Theres a reason why that pathetic clit of yours is locked away.  You are only good for taking cock.” My cheeks burned in humiliation and my clit swelled even more.

After a couple of hours of shopping and humilation we both needed a break and so went to grab a coffee. Goddess made sure we sat outside, despite the winter chill, so I would be on display for the whole world. Goddess never misses a trick, or a chance to push my limits.

This was time to have a really good chat. We both talked about our lives and got to know eachother.  I got to know my Goddess as a woman not just as a domme. I was humbled that she would allow me this glimpse into her life. I also told her how recently I had started to find boys attractive, not just fantasise about their cocks. Goddess laughed and was proud of herself. Her hypnosis and sissy conditioning was taking affect.  She promised me soon I would be ready to suck a real cock for her.

End of part 3?


The last stop of the day was Taboo, a well known sex shop in Brighton, that was extremely welcoming and LGBT friendly. It is a favourite of Goddess and if you are even in Brighton you should really check it out.

There were a few people in the shop but that didn’t stop Goddess forcing me to try on revealing, slutty outfits and model them for her in front of every one. It was here that I forgot myself and stopped walking properly for a moment. Within a second Goddess notoced. She had told me what would happen if I messed up. She commanded me to get on my knees, while dressed like a slut, and kiss her shoes in front of the entire shop. I dutifully complied, check burning in humilation, clit straining against it’s cage, while a young couple sniggered at me.

My punishment wasn’t yet over. Goddess ordered me to wear an outfit I bought from the sex shop for the return trip to my car. A little black top and a tight, purple, lycra mini skirt that left nothing to the imagination. I looked like a prostitute, waiting for dick on the side of the road.

We walked together back too my car, my time with my wonderful Goddess almost over. Even though it would have been quicker for her to walk, she was kindly escorting me back to my car.

This is where my earlier inattention caught up with me. I couldn’t find my car. I had been so nervous when we parked that I hadn’t paid enough attention.  Goddess was angry with me. She had places to be and couldn’t waste time helping me find my car.

She told me I was a bad girl and, as punishment she was keeping the key to my chastiry device and leaving me to find the car by myself. She said if I sent her a good enough begging video later, she might let me use a vibe to have a sissygasm.

I was both scared and turned on. Here I was, all alone, lost, caged and dressed like a hooker. Well, Goddess had brought me a long way today, from scared sissy, to proud slut. Head up, shoulders back, arse popped out, I strutted my stuff. Proud to be owned by Goddess.  I found my car round the next corner.  Goddess, ofcourse, had known all along. She just wanted to push me past this last, final hurdle.

Without her I would never have had the courage to do everything I did that day. Without her pushing and supporting me I would have regretted not doing more. Goddess helped me live out my fantiases. While I had nerves, I always felt safe in her presence.
I will always remember my trip to Brighton with MissGSJ. If she ever gives you a chance to meet her, make sure you move heaven and earth to make it happen. And remember, head up, shoulders back, arsed popped out. Be proud and strut your stuff like the whore you are.

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