Realtime splosh with catbells

In Brighton I did a real time splosh. It took place at My apartment
with My slave in a paddling pool . Giggle.
This worked very well and somehow made it even more fun.
I wore a beautiful, PVC top, a short skirt to show off my long, shapely legs and My shiny, black patent high heels.


The delivery man dropped off the splosh items . Not doubt he was thinking it was a funny selection of items I had chosen.

I chose a sweet theme for My first , in the flesh splosh, with all sorts
of exquisitely messy pudding related foods to assist Me. I have done multiple sploshes on webcam, making
slaves pour all sorts of messy things all over themselves. It is always fun and amusing and never fails
to put a big smile on My face. 😀 I was looking forwards to doing it for real and getting to see and hear
it all first hand.
I started with custard. A favourite of Mine from My webcam sploshes.
That first big, cold dollop of custard which spilled over him was particularly satisfying .
It must have been quite cold because he squeaked as it splashed down on him! Which obviously was pleasing to me.
I laughed as I emptied the entire contents of the cartoon all over his head, face and shoulders.
It was very funny and satisfying watching it all splosh onto him as he whimpered in shock. I Then moved onto some Squirty, chocolate sauce. I squirted it enthusiastically all
over him, adding a layer of onto the freshly sploshed custard . The contrast of the yellow and brown was a great combination, which was pleasing to My eyes. I, of course was snapping photos of My helpless slave as I sploshed each new messy pudding over him. The shirty cream was Good fun too, it also made for a good make-shift spray paint for Me to graffiti him with! Laughing and giggling at My slave, I squirted a big “L” sign in his face . He looked completely ridiculous, drenched in all sorts of messiness, dripping with goo with his “L” sign.
(Another great photo opportunity! -snap! ) Wink


I wandered around the paddling pool, My sexy high heels making a seductive sound on the wooden floor boards
as I passed behind him . I popped the nozzle of the squirty cream in the top of his
bottom crack and I filed it with cream and then I used it to to a little more graffiti on his back. Smile.
My slave was in quite a pickle!…. …. But I was not yet done with him yet. After all I still had an entire chocolate cake and a trifle to
dispose of…. In his face! Wink I cream pied him with the trifle and with the chocolate cake which was another pleasing and rewarding moment.
Next the yoghurt, which poured so elegantly and made a great addition to My human trifle. Wink
There was plenty more custard, jam and all sort of other delightfully messy things for me to splosh him with .

After all of that fun, I decided pour a large tub of freezing water all over him, as a nice finishing touch.

Obviously, after all of this palaver, there was mess to deal with.
Goddess would not be cleaning it up.
In an organised fashion, I had prepared for this occasion. I provided him with a fetching maids for the clean up. Giggle.
With Me inspecting his work, making sure he was not slacking on the job!Which is just as well, because his cleaning
was not up to scratch. On his hands and knees , he scrubbed and cleaned like the obedient , little , sissy slut he is.
When he had finished cleaning the floor, I took great pleasure in emptying the contents of one of the squirty cream bottles all over the floor. With a smug look on My face I ordered him to clean it up before he was be dismissed.

It was a very funny and fun It was a filled session full of smiles and giggles.


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